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Weed This !

Introducing the local “Healthy Environment Group”.

The common use of chemicals everywhere in our lives is linked to the rising percentage of respiratory diseases, allergies and other chronic health problems. We, a small group of  locals, would like to introduce our newly formed “Healthy Environment Group” (HEG). Samford Valley is sometimes called “The Green Lungs of Brisbane”. We’d like to put an effort in to keep it that way- through raising  public awareness, informing ourselves about  government policies on the subject and hopefully opening up paths towards implementing healthier ways of  weed control in our area.

We believe everyone has a right to be informed about poisons used and the effect they have on our beloved children, family members and pets. We hope that through our regular columns, you are enabled to make a conscious choice about being exposed to harmful chemicals. We will talk about weed control products that are used privately and publicly on a regular basis around the home, in our water drainways and in the parks where our children play and the research about their effects on human health. We also hope to share our resourceful information on how to manage weeds without having to use poisons. And we might even break the news about the important role of weeds in balancing the soil and returning it to its healthy state.

We would love to hear from you if you would like to join us, or if you have related information, that you would like to share!  Just use our Contact Us page or you can follow us on Facebook or Twitter

Your Healthy Environment Group

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