“Everything is poison, there is poison in everything, only the dose makes a thing not a poison.” Paracelsus

A medical condition of poisoning can also be caused by substances that are not legally required to carry the label “poison”.

Most biocides, including pesticides, are created to act as poisons to target organisms, although acute or less observable chronic poisoning can also occur in non target organism, including the humans who apply the biocides and other beneficial organisms. For example the herbicide 2,4-D imitates the action of a plant hormone, to the effect that the lethal toxicity is specific to plants. (Wikipedia).

Spray drift is a problem as surrounding non targeted areas can also be affected. Many other more frequently used herbicides have a potential for spray drift also, and should be used just as carefully.

2,4-D is labelled a “poison” on the container.  Our page on 2,4-D Toxicity,  we have an extensive list of cases from pubmed the US medical journal library (this publication is not funded by the chemical companies) that show the extent and dangers that can occur using 2,4D. You can make up your own mind and do your own research, we just ask that if you still choose to spray this product, that you consider your family, neighbours and animals all around you and on your property. After rainfall this product can leach to neighbouring properties and into our waterways causing further harm.  Please make sure your family are inside the house with closed windows or off the property.  Wear appropriate clothing and a high quality protective mask.  Particularly children, pregnant women, elderly, chemical sensitive people and people with chronic illness or compromised immune system are at most risk. 

Out of courtesy contact your neighbours and let them know you are going to use a herbicide so they have a choice to stay or leave also.

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