Side Effects of Pesticides

Side Effects of Pesticides

Not another Migraine! Sure enough: three days after the onset, the roadside drain ways are yellowing off from pesticides.  Actually the immediate reaction could have been any general symptom, such as common headaches or migraines,  vagueness, forgetfulness, dizziness, heart palpitations, fatigue, lethargy,  blurred vision, emotional sensitivity, weight loss, asthma and chesty coughs  with or without croup. Symptoms can even go as far as epileptic fitting.  And these are but a few of the possible symptoms!

Please do your own research and experiment next time spraying of pesticides is around you. Just sit back and notice any changes in your body or your
animal’s body. Some symptoms appear straight away, some take a day or two or three for acute toxicity to occur, and children or people with low body fat will be quicker at reacting and can also have worse reactions.

Sadly, it goes even deeper then that. Science tells us that exposure to herbicides  and/or pesticides can cause cancer (particularly lymphoma or kidney,  reproductive organs, prostate cancer), Parkinson’s disease and
other  neurological disorders and endocrine disorders.

At this stage the Moreton Bay Regional Council does not have any warning system in place to alert us that
spraying will occur or has occurred and until that happens, we have to look  out for each  other. So please consider your neighbours (particularly the aged and those  with small children!) and give them a quick call to alert them that you are  going to spray or that you observed Council spraying, so they have time to  prepare and even bring the washing in.

Stay healthy!