Gladstone turtle deaths blamed on extreme wet season

The Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) says the extreme  summer wet season is to blame for the number of turtles washing up on beaches in  the Capricorn Coast region.

Toxic spray weed fumes kill gardener

JUST as he always did, Sam Vella went out to spray his market garden with herbicide yesterday morning but only a few minutes later he was dead and his daughter was in hospital after ingesting the toxic fumes.

Push for maverick techniques to restore landscape

IN WHAT he says is the biggest challenge of his career and potentially the most important project in the nation’s history, the former governor-general Michael Jeffery is launching a national campaign to restore Australia’s degraded landscape.

Something In The Water – Part 2

Local doctor Alison Bleaney was concerned about rare cancers among her patients. Marine ecologist Marcus Scammell had been called in to investigate oyster mortality and deformities. At the same time, the Tasmanian Devil facial tumour disease was first found in the same small pocket of NE Tasmania. Was a connection remotely possible and was there

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